A test produced in Finland which determines the amount of bacteria living in diesel fuel. Issues caused by diesel bacteria can be prevented with regularly testing.

The most common issues associated with diesel bacteria are the obstruction of filters caused by biomass and problems with fuel intake.

The test is easy to do. Take 0,5-1,0 dl diesel and add approx. 30% clean water. A diesel sample is easiest to collect for example via the water separator’s bottom fuse or from old filters upon replacing them. Stir well and dip the test sheet in the sample for five to ten seconds. Let the excess liquid drain off, put the test sheet back in the tube and screw the lid shut. Leave the tube vertically at room temperature for two to four days. If any growth occurs, photograph both sides of the test sheet and send the pictures according to the form below. After the analysis is complete, the results and possible treatment instructions will be sent to the email provided on the form.

STERNACO DIESEL instructions (pdf)

STERNACO DIESEL microbe test includes:

  • Analysis
  • Feedback and treatment instructions


Follow the instructions and paste the pictures into the form below to get the test result in your email.
Email again:

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