BlueGreenTest – Blue-Green Algae Test

The BlueGreenTest is a quick test produced in Finland to find toxins produced by blue-green algae. The test indentifies possible toxic blue-green algae in swimming water and sauna water.

Water containing toxic blue-green algae should not be used even as sauna water. The heat breaks down the algae and the toxin enters the respiratory tracts along with water vapor.

The test is easy to do. Fill the test tube with water by submerging it. Set the tube on a level surface or the slot in the packaging. The tube will heat up by a chemical reaction. Wait ten minutes, and after that take a sample out of the tube with the pipet included in the package. Drip three to four drops of the sample in the smaller slot in the test cassette and wait 5 minutes. If two lines appear in the larger opening, the sample contains toxins. If only one line appears, the sample is toxin-free.

One package contains one or three tests with their supplies, disposable gloves, a pipet, a test tube and a test cassette.